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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
counterracting by having Roche, Nadal and Djoker there?

and btw regarding my sentence, absolutely nothing false written there
most dominating in open era? yeah can't argue with that

most documented open era player? well yeah along with other current players no hypothetical here, titles, tour events, highlights everything documented available to see.

most analyzed open era player? do I even have to go here? Fed's name is constantly thrown around in tennis circles, forums, etc. and has been for a while. Add his chase for the record books, and analysis goes only deeper.

most victorious open era player? undisputed here. shitload of big titles all legit, not counting exos or anything (lots and lots of slams, masters, wtfs)

most revered open era player? yeah you know it's true. He's the definitive tennis figure. Fed's the tennis Michael Jordan basically.

where's my melodrama when the above is f**** facts.

my sentence aside, you cannot possibly think Bobby's list was that a sane, "historian" would write
Just to calm down you a bit: Rosewall and Laver have still won more majors than your God...
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