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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
after that post I cannot take what he says seriously. F**** Roche in top 10 level of play, but not the most dominating, documented, analyzed, victorious, revered open era player WTF?

clearly a troll move. He's got Nadal and Djoker there, but no Fed. Those guys combined can't touch Fed. Hell even Djoker's awesome last year, comes short of what Fed did during his prime reign. Whatever, there's only a few guys like that on the forum (Thundervolley, kiki, BobbyOne, sometimes NadalAgassi, 90s clay comes to mind; dudes with clear cut, anti Fed agendas) . Most of the people have the right idea on who the boss is.
So anyone that doesn't think Federer is the GOAT has an anti-Federer agenda?
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