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Just found this gem of a thread regarding calves/achilles injuries. And I have a question.

So I believe I'm developing early signs of insertional achilles tendinitis. It doesn't affect my performance on the court but when I shut it down, there's significant pain behind my heel. After dealing with post-play discomfort for a few months, I decided to shut it down completely and just let it heal. And here is my question:

I plan on doing as much RICE therapy for the next 2-3 weeks, just to get the inflammation to subside. Then your usual stretching and strengthening once the inflammation is gone. During my recovery, will cardio workout such as the elliptical and stationary bike hinder the healing of the achilles? And I'm going to assume running isn't going to help my cause.

In case you were wondering how I injured it, I wish I can recall a precise event, but I can't. I'm sure I took a hard and wrong step somewhere on the tennis court (probably on an stomp volley). What I can tell you is, it's my left achilles, and I'm a righty, so it's my landing foot when I serve.


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