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For my string choices, I offer maybe 5+ different Synthetic Guts, 7+ Polys, 3+ Multi's, and for Natural Gut, I dont much with me so i order separate ones for them and cut off shipping charges when ordering. I only have $13 labor charge so i don't think its such a hefty price compared to tennis shops. Just to mention, these are all reels, not single packs. The single packs i have are either gifts from people, or junk strings i dont use and give out for free ( if they need me to restring there racquet ). I would just suggest getting a couple Syn. Guts, more Polys, and Multi's are optional i guess. I didnt really come around selling too much Multi's. Babolat Revenge would be a good poly string to buy, 5.95 for 1 pack!
Good luck
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