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1) Roger Federer winning Wimbledon and getting back number one - truly it was a magic moment
2) Roger Federer goes past 286 weeks, I badly wanted that
3) Roger Federer winning Cincinnati, my fave masters, without losing his serve once
4) Blue clay being introduced and the icing on the cake, Roger Federer won it
5) Four grand slam winners in four majors, very good for Tennis
6) Jercy Janowicz, hope the kid will turn out to be a great prospect
7) David Ferrer won Paris masters, would love to see him lift a major also
8 ) Rafael Nadal winning 7th RG and breaking Borg's record
9) Murray winning US Open, was really happy to see him win after those tears at Wimbledon 2012

Least favorite ones

1) Roger losing in WTF, he could have won it
2) Roger losing to Berdych in US open
3) Roger losing Olympics final match
4) Three indoor tournaments held in succession which made Roger skip Paris masters
There is an artist in Roger Federer who expresses himself best at the Tennis court

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