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Originally Posted by Feather View Post
You are NOT objective, not even one bit. Don't even pretend to be so. You cleverly pursue your anti Federer agenda in every thread.

You would join some threads, then would pick on some silly comment made by some Fed blind worshipper and then use terms like "****s" or "*******s" in derisive manner and stereotype all Federer fans. Even in that hypothetical thread about Roger Federer being gay, you just seconded a post by another Fed hater who said he thought Fed is a gay. The point is your anti Federer agenda is as obvious as Bobbyone or kiki. Anyone can notice that how Bobbyone is biased when he can include Nadal and Djokovic while he excludes Federer
Feather, you overlook that even this who is a Federer fan can yet rank Roger behind a few (only a FEW) greats. I admire Federer as much as he deserves it (but not more just as most younger fans do).

I give you an example from classic music: Most people (especially those who never listen to classic music) claim that Mozart is the greatest classic composer. They overlook that at least two other men (Schubert and Beethoven) are arguably even greater than "Amadeus". It's easier to value as the majority does than to value as only a minority does even if the latter has more logic and facts.

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