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My daughter just turned 11. Over the past 7 years she has worked really hard and improves a little bit everyday. Its been alot of fun for me watching her grow into her game. My favorite thing that happens is when she has a break thru. Its like she stays the same for weeks then all of the sudden something just clicks and she gets it. This seems to happen at the strangest times. Like last night we started practice and for the first 30 minutes she was in one of those moods in which she was trying to start a fight with me for anything i would say. I got ****ed off and told her just go home because she was cutting into my sons practice time out here fussing with me and not putting in ANY effort. Then she said she wasnt going home and i gave her a second chance and she picked up her intensity and looked the best she has ever looked. She had one of those nights that let me know that one day IF it ever becomes her main focus she will be GREAT. For me being her main coach it is such a roller coaster ride. I am trying to get better and not let her practices dictate my mood. I have been guilty of when she has a bad practice and doesnt give 100% i get in a bad mood and dont have a good attitude around her. I know i have said and done alot of things over the past few years that i shouldnt have. I have gotten SOOO much better now because i now realize that my comments and attitude have such an effect on her development. I have always wanted one or both of my children to be professional tennis players. I was really good but not good enough to make a living playing tennis so I guess i am guilty of trying to live my dream thru my kids. I LOVE every minute i spend with my kids and feel truely blessed that god gave me two INCREDIBLE kids!!!! I just wanted to share what i go thru with my fellow posters.FOR ALL THE OTHER PARENTS ON HERE HANG IN THERE ENJOY THE RIDE AND TRY TO STAY POSITIVE THRU THE GOOD TIMES AND THE BAD!!!
Amen brother - you said it right. Enjoy the ride!
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