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Originally Posted by jjs891 View Post
For those that are using c10, I read in other threads that specs are all over the range due to QC issues. Do you find this to be true for you guys?
Yeah, it is true, the C10Pro 2012 that I purchased recently was lighter 13g based on unstrung wt and 15g on strung weight. However, I added 13g @ 6.75 inch from the butt to get the specified strung wt of 346 and close to the 8pt HL balance. Adding another 1g at 12 O'clock makes it my preferred stick at the moment.

Cheers !
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VolKl C10Pro 2012, 98 sq in(16x19), static:357g, SW:338,8.1HL, Tour Bite 16G@60lbs
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