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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Hey, I would get that too, lol. From the to part with the two metal clips to pull the string through in the front right? Yea, they just had to put it right where you bend to turn. IDK, once mine broke in, I did not experience it anymore. But it did take me a good 1-2 months to break-in.
My B6 shoes took at least half its lifetime to break in before the top part did not bend on my toe in a painful way anymore. Partially I may be to blame, as the shoes may have been slightly too large, thus possibly bending at the wrong place...I doubt though that the B7's will be as uncomfortable as the B6's...
The B6's were more uncomfortable than the B5's though...

I have only today to hear from you guys....getting the shoes tomorrow hopefully...
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