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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
I love using my heavily leaded Youtek Rad Pro's! I haven't seen a lot of love for them on the boards though...

I tried one and the SW is just too high even though I did like the 16x19 string pattern and it didn't feel as solid as the PSTGT. I am now testing out the TGK 260.2 and find that to be more substantial and solid.

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
i just tried out a IG radical S and it's such an easy frame to play with! loved the easy power. i think its a must demo for most players, since we are not really 4.5s or higher
The IG Radical S is probably the best frame among all the light ones out there. It's the most solid one in it's class and not many people know about this racquet.
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