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Default The exo tour has a mental disorder...

Okay...this racket is just ridiculous. Been playing with it for basically a year now. It is NOT very consistent. I have never played with a racket as "hot and then cold and then hot again" as this one. It has a life of its own...genius at times, "special" on others...

I don't completely blame this on the racket. I blame this own my skill - and especially on that day. For me to be able to play well with this racket, my game needs to be on. But when its on, this racket is crazily good, especially on the groundstrokes and volleys (generally bad on serve). Problem is, my game isn't always on, so the racket is generally more challenging than fun. When my game is mediocre, the racket is is not mediocre, its less than mediocre. Nothing is like this racket...its an all or nothing racket.

I am going to miss the groundstrokes on this racket. Especially after yesterday. I had a on day and almost never hit the ball cleaner and with more precision. Spin was amazing...feel...everything. I did however not serve yesterday...but the serve is the biggest reason I'm letting these rackets go...
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