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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I would agree with this, but plenty of higher level players may still tell you the frame is too powerful because it doesn't suit their game. I know a few teaching pros currently entering and winning some fairly big open tournies who asked me why I was demoing the new one, and they said it was too powerful for how they liked to hit.

Guess the point is that there are grey areas. If you hit with a lot of spin and a western grip, the APD is a great option. If you want to go more SW and also drive through the ball a little more, you may find the stick to have too much power for how you like to hit. I could definitely adjust and play with an APD if it was not so stiff on my arm, but the way I like to hit the ball is better suited for more of a control frame.

I bolded the last statement because that applies to a ton of racquets in the player and tweener category.

In my review I said I think this stick is best for a junior who hits with a ton spin and prefers a defensive style of play. Still feel like that is accurate. What makes the racquet so cool is that anyone can use it, but definitely it takes someone with a lot of energy, endurance and developed footwork to really tap into the frame.
Well, I just dont know. I spent a week at an academy in France last year. There were all sorts of very good players there -- Davis Cup players, guys in the top 200, some of the top junior women in Europe. They almost all played Babolat, the APD was dominant. The power and spin they were hitting with was amazing. And that power and spin gave them the opportunity to do amazing things with the ball to win points. I find the idea that the rackets are too powerful a little strange. You do have to develop the way you play to get the most out of them. If you dont want to change then you may not benefit from them. But I am not sure that, for example, you must have an extreme grip. Of course, these rackets aren't for everyone.
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