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Originally Posted by wolfinsignia View Post
i think its more of the individual than the racquet in these cases. though lower power racquets need a good and fast swing to get those amazing shots especially the tour. control is basically gone when i half *** shots.

yea serve isn't its strong point, it has good spin and control but lacks pace and my game usually starts and end at the serve. it annoys me that anyone in my range level can return a serve. but because of it im alot better at placing my ball. but yea i do wish the stick can help add pace.

im still sticking to the racquet, my forehand and backhand has gotten alot better.
Well....I can give credit to the racket in improving some parts of my game. Sometimes rackets force me to adapt/focus more on technique a little...

The racket improved my volleys and "direct" overheads. (its terrible on bouncing overheads). My drop shot also improved. It also taught me to gain more pace on the serve using its own power sucks a lot...
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