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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I'm confused.
6'9" doesn't make you a basketball player. You still gotta box out, bump, run, practice, set picks, and rebound. A soft player can't do any of the above, even rebound.
CharlesBarkley could still dominate WNBA. At 6'4" and a hair, he almost dominated at power forward, except for shooting against McHale and Parrish.
BritGrier is 6'8". Is she gonna dominate in WNBA?
Im saying if I had the same skills I do at 6'1" but was actually 6'9".

Those skills are good enough at 6'1" that I could be like a 25-20 in WNBA and play monster D.

Griner will be OK in WNBA becuase 6'8" 125lbs is good enough against women. She should be close to the same as she is in college.
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