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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Worker View Post
The stuff that Barkley used to do was breathtaking. When asked who he considered the greatest PFs ever were, he put Tim Duncan at 1, McHale 2, himself 3, and Karl Malone 4. No love for The Mailman, I guess!
Thats probably fair. If you watch McHale that guys had the best offensive post game of all time IMO. His feet were great and he had so many moves, he would you set you up with one move, then fake that move into another move. When you figured out the 2d move he would fake you out with both the go to the third. Once he had to use the 4th move he would be like comboing his moves.

Malone was a beast but he never stepped up and took a game over. Thats why i cant rank him any higher.
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