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Default Mass Distribution and Comfort

This week I had an interesting experience with customization and its effect on comfort.

Recently when I purchased three new Pure Storm GTs I knew I'd want to mod them up a bit in weight and SW. So when the first two arrived I added lead under the grip, swapped in my favorite comfort grip, added the OG, and added some lead in the head. In stock form the PSGT is too light for me but provides lots of room to customize to something I really like.

Then the third frame arrived from TW (the original was warped and returned to TW). I was feeling lazy and decided to just add the head lead and swap grips but didn't add any lead under the grip. I'd do that later as part of my detailed matching process (handle lead is usually my last step in matching).

Last night I hit with the three frames and to my surprise the frame lacking any lead under the grip was the most comfortable. It felt more "springy" and cushioned. So, right there on the court, I stripped out the lead from one of the other frames. Voila! That frame too felt more springy and comfortable. The handle lead removed/missing from the two frames was probably close to 0.4 or 0.5 ounces.

For some reason removing the lead under the grip allowed the frame to flex more or at least transmit less shock. I have no idea why this would happen but it did. Perhaps the lower mass in the handle allowed the handle/throat to flex more on impact acting as a shock absorb-er?
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