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Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
That's a bit tight for an old woodie. Looking at the type of string that is in the racket at the moment it seems like a low end model.
Putting 55-62 lbs (25-28kg) on this woodie would certainly tear it apart.
I'm quite experienced in stringing woodies and I would not go higher than 23kg on the mains and 22kg on the crosses. In this case I would go even lower, 22-21kg.
But that's my humble opinion

Those stock bottom of the line cheap nylon strings never played good so you will notice a big improvement with a nice soft sun gut or especially natural gut. Do not string more than 50lbs since you will be risking frame damage. Nice strings at 40..45lbs should play nice. Try some other player wood models and you will also notice the difference in playability (feel, touch, power)
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