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Originally Posted by benraschke View Post
I use the Donnay X-Dual Gold 99 and I love it. I have used Pro Kennex in the past, but I like the Donnay better and the all around game it allows me to play.
I thought about taking a closer look at the Gold 99 but was afraid it would weigh a little more than what I want...especially after adding an overgrip, rubberband, and head tape (probably 11.8 oz or more). My thought with the Donnays was to look at the Silver 99 or Black 102, get the Donnay Customization Kit, and then make the weight to my liking. Thank you for your input.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Have you considered the Prestige S?
I actually demoed it and in looking at my notes, the demo seemed strung a bit high, but I said: "brittle feeling, excellent topspin, slice sits up too much, not enough power, good control, but not enough power."

Originally Posted by goosala View Post
The Pacific X Feel is great but you have to supply your own power.
When I demoed this racquet it had a poly in it and seemed strung around 45 pounds...but I felt it had a good amount of power. I was surprised by how much it had. I thought: "above average spin and a good amount of power for such a flexy racquet....I just couldn't get used to the extra power (balls flying), I always felt like I had to hold back something on my groundstrokes." Again it may have to do with how low it was strung.

Thanks for everyone's help so far.

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