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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post

No, plexicushion is Federer's worst surface. Since 2004 (that's when Fed started establishing his dominance) Fed has made it to 5 RG finals and won once. So 5/9. Since AO went plexicushion, Fed has made it to 2 finals and won once. so 2/5.

Seriously you don't even know your own idol's worst surface properly. Also that's beside the point anyway because Nadal was only a teen in 2005 while Fed had the experience of making and winning multiple majors at the time. Yet he still lost. Comfortably too I might add. And that's where ultimately your excuses run out.

If Nadal wasn't around Fed would've most likely had 6 RG titles (only realistic chance of losing would've probably been Novak in 08 ) and nobody would be calling clay his worst surface at all. It's just that Nadal is the greatest clay courter of all time.
Plexicushion came in 2008. Since then Roger has made 2 AO finals and 3 RG finals. Not much of a difference. I don't see where this "Nadal was a teen" argument comes from either. Nadal won a total of 11 tournaments that year, second only to Roger's total. Teen or not, by every standard, that certainly does not make you a newbie or get you brownie points. There are players who've done better in their teens than Nadal has in terms of major victories. That shows Nadal's performance back then wasn't some sort of a miraculous anomaly. Quit the idiotic glorification. He'd already established himself as a force to be reckoned with, particularly on clay.
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