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Originally Posted by rk_sports View Post
once charliefedererer weighed it.. end of discussion

Few things that made it better for me -

1. Rest (although I took less than required)
2. Exercises (Thera-Band Flexbar - Red)
3. Technique corrections (via videotape)
4. String/Tension - reduced tension (also tried hybrid setup)
Many resist hitting with a more flexible racquet and softer strings (natural gut or multifilament rather than poly).

But it doesn't have to be a permanent solution.

Picking up an older flexible frame and stringing it with a multifilament can be relatively inexpensive.
Sure it won't perform like the former set up - but it may get you back on the court quicker for an earlier return to hitting sessions - and help prevent an early recurrence.
This set up also helps on an earlier return to serving practice without suffering a recurrence.
I think you are absolutely right that many who suffered tennis elbow can eventually do better with a hybrid to get the spin they want, but avoid the harshness of a full poly set up.

With more time to spend off the courts, reexamining stroke technique is an excellent suggestion.
Getting someone to video your strokes is a great way to understand what you are doing, and if there is room for imprrovement.
Even investment in having a pro review your strokes is worthwhile if there is a concern there is some flaw in technique predisposing to tennis elbow.
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