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Default Chris and Sibboan: Volkl Vi Classic Midplus or Volkl Organix VI Midplus

I am currenly using a Babolat Aeropro Gt 2010 model and plan to buy the 2013 APD. Eventhough this 2013 model is better at dampening, it is not necessarily arm friendly for what I have read on the Board. Still, it will be my racket of choice as I hit with aggresive, loopy topspin and this racket is made for that type of swing.

Also. I am thinking of buying a Volkl Organix V1 Midplus or the Volkl V1 Classic Midplus. Is there a big difference between them in tems of quality of product and dampening shots? Remember, I will possibly use it as a backup racket to "rest my arm"' unless its so good that I switch to it..
If the difference between them is just slight I would get the Classic version which I prefer cosmetically to the new one (eventhough both are nice looking). If the Organix version is much better I will go with that one eventhough its a hundred dollars more.
I can not demo by the way.

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