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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
When I was there, it rained half the time, but we managed to get the hours in. The head pro was monitoring the weather on his computer all the time. The teaching pros were mostly "foreigners" (from South America I think) as is usual in these cases, and I could sense some tension relating to how much they were paid and how they felt to be asked to sacrifice their Christmas vacation time.

My wife and son took the Everglades speedboat trip and saw alligators. The accommodation was condo style with a fancy overpriced restaurant on premises. We mostly ate outside.
We had a house in the subdivision for 2 yrs while our daughter was at Sanchez/Casal......we left and sold just before the shutdown a few years ago but was part of the whole mess trying to keep the Tennis club itself going.......yes major issues with many of the pros who at times really didn't want to be there. That part of Florida 200% different than the east coast........good to see the place reopened, we kept getting mails and letters from the Sanchez group stating they were going to purchase and reopen the facility - did take some time.
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