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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
Loved the 2012 version of the the Pure Drive Roddick - enough to make it my regular stick. The regular Pure Drive 2012 is very good as well, but I like that little bit of extra weight.

But, there isn't a heavier version of the ADP, correct? I guess the heavier model in that line would be the Aero Storm Tour (no 2013 version yet), and for some reason, that's never clicked for me.
No, there is not a heavier version. But, I suggested a Tour version in the "Bonjour from Babolat" thread. I also think that too much weight in the APD will take away its whippiness and racket speed to hit fast, loopy strokes to develop a particular type of topspin. So, beware.
For now, if you want a heavier version TW customizes (20 bucks per racket) or do it yourself if you know how.
If I am not mistalen the Aero Storm has a different string pattern (16 x 20), has a smaller sweetspot and will be discontinued.
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