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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
The frame is quite easy on the arm. My daughter plays DIII tennis with it. I string hers with MCS... or Wilson Hollow Core
Terrific racket, but the frame is not easy on arms, i did the big mistake to play in stock form stringed with prince syntetic gut a 28 kg, and i got the tennis elbow.

After recovery ecc ecc ecc, being aware why tennis elbow ecc ecc.... start to play again with easy arm rackets and ..... then after long time i decided to mess up with customization.

Such a light racket was the perfect base to start with.
Adding weight in the handle and at 3 and 9, i transformed into a 335g 5 poings hl. strung with a nice multifilament at 25 kg and it plays beautifully and no problems with the arm, the added weight makes it more solid.
I found it a nice serving racket and nice power from the back.

I have also the OS, Os is customized at 330g 2 points hl and I strung it with the same multifilament of the mid at 30 kg. it's easies on arm.
It's a spin machine, big sweet spot and very nice power, i've to say that i love hitting with this racket.

Both are nice rackets, really underrated compared to a lot of following and more famous models from the same brand, but for me after experiencing 9 mounths stop of tennis because of the elbow, they are just a good base for customization, for that this rackets are just perfect, i would not play again in stock form such a light and stiff racket and I would never string it tight again and for arm heath reason poly on that racket are strictly prohibited.

I've seen some teaching pros giving tennis lesson and drilling with their trainees, with this racket, they hit hard with not problems, probably they want something lighter than their main racket in order to stay longer hours on the court.
I presume they got it for free from the pro-shop serving at the tennisclub, but they would not have use it if it would not be good enough for them.

That's my expecience with this racket.
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