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I wish my wife and i could afford to homeschool my daughter. It is such an advantage because my daughter is at school from 7;30 till 4;00 and by the time she gets home she is tired mentally. The other advantage is when we get back from a tournament late sunday night she has to get right back up early monday morning to go to school. This makes her tired while the homeschool girls have the option of sleeping in monday morning. I think my daughter would not really like homeschool because she is sooooo social and loves being at school around all of her friends. I know that the education she gets at her school is light years ahead of what i could do for her at home. I can only imagine when she gets into high school how in the world would i be able to help her with trig and calculus????? I know that she has a very slim chance of being a money making pro so imma make sure her education is top notch so she will be able to get a good job one day. Im not saying that a homeschool education isnt great i just know that we could not afford to do it and i dont think that is what she really wants. Maybe one day she will say daddy i need to be training more and being at a traditional school is hurting her tennis. If thats ever the case we will find a way to make it work. It would be nice to be rich and my wife not have to work so she could stay home and homeschool the kids. My new way of thinking is one day at a time and to not stress about the things i cant control.

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