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Originally Posted by baoshuxiong View Post
Suffered Tennis Leg here, Day 5, Going Thru R.I.C.E.; Went to a doc and he prescribed pain killer and rubbing lotion. Question: should I put on the calf sleeve 24 / 7? or just when I go outdoors?
Most put on the sleeve soon after getting up and leave it on throughout the day, then remove it at bedtime.

If it feels way too tight, it IS TOO TIGHT - so take it off right away.

Beware of ankle swelling. If the ankle swells, it means you should be wearing a compression stocking that includes the foot and ankle areas as well as the calf.

"C" in RICE stands for compression, and that is what the calf sleeve is attempting to do. Compression reduces excess swelling, and often supports muscle so that it is less painful.
Unless the area is very swollen, if the pain is much better, then perhaps you are getting close to no longer needing the compression, although obviously I would defer to the advice of your doctor who has examined you and better knows your condition.

Outside of the REST, there is little evidence that RICE, rubbing lotion and pain medications actually speed the healing process. So if the area is feeling much better you may be getting closer to no longer do this therapy - again with your doctors advice being still the best.
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