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It's funny. A lot of people think in this forum I don't like current tennis. Fact is that I much prefer today's tennis to matches a few years ago. I wasn't fond of the big serve and volley with few rallies.

I do think and how written in the past that a number of players today, Nadal, Djokovic and Federer all can accomplish or have already accomplished enough to be arguably in any GOAT conversation. Now some claim there is no GOAT. That's fine but GOAT conversations in any sport is some of the most fun AND heated conversations you can get. I think it would be a shame if you don't talk about it at least occasionally. Another player I think is fantastic but erratic is Andy Murray who I believe is as gifted as any player today and among the most talented I've ever seen.

The question remains do I think the players today are the most talented ever? I really don't know. Perhaps the overall players may be today but I do think the top players in most eras can be at or near the top in other eras. I think Pancho Gonzalez was a super gifted athlete. I believe that of Lew Hoad, Bill Tilden, Edberg, Nastase, Becker, Sampras, Agassi, Lendl, Ashe, Borg, Laver, Sedgman and many others.

I've read a poster that claimed Sampras stayed toe to toe with a world class splinter who played football. Sampras was a fantastic athlete. Should I eliminate him because his best years are over 15 years ago? Don't think so.

It's a never ending question but yes in general I think believe that sports usually gets better but I also believe the top, given the same advantages should also general be at or near the top.
Maybe this argument can have a set of rules to even out the issues.

1) the players will possess only the skills and fitness levels of their prime in their respective eras.

2) we must find a racket that is between wood and modern graphite tweeners.

If we were comparing Laver to Nadal. The Racket would be the Wilson ProStaff 85 imo. In this comparison I say Nadal wins in a close 5 set match.

If it were Laver and Federer we would need to find another racket. But for Djoko and Murray the ps85 probably would do as well.

This is kinda like the show deadliest warrior.
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