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Originally Posted by realplayer View Post
Maybe my question was too difficult so I hope someone can answer.
What is the difference between a 95 with a low tension and and a 100 inch with a higher tension.
I think power would be the same now but what will it mean for control and will the bigger head still have a bigger sweetspot or any other advantage over the smaller headsize.
Ofcourse the rackets except for the headsize are identical.
The racket specs are a guideline. Not all 100sq or 95sq in rackets, etc., will play the same so its hard to make comparisons. Get a racket that has the qualities you are looking for and that you play well with, regardless of the specs. If you really wanted as direct a comparison as you can get with a 5sq in difference, demo the Donnays in 94 & 99 headsizes.
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