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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Maybe this argument can have a set of rules to even out the issues.

1) the players will possess only the skills and fitness levels of their prime in their respective eras.

2) we must find a racket that is between wood and modern graphite tweeners.

If we were comparing Laver to Nadal. The Racket would be the Wilson ProStaff 85 imo. In this comparison I say Nadal wins in a close 5 set match.

If it were Laver and Federer we would need to find another racket. But for Djoko and Murray the ps85 probably would do as well.

This is kinda like the show deadliest warrior.
Maybe we should just let them use light sabers instead. In that case I would say Luke Skywalker is the best tennis player. I would eliminate Darth Vader because that costume would weigh him down too much. No mobility.
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