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I picked up tennis late. I started tennis at 13. I became obssessed with tennis and played hours a day. In my home town we had a family move there from California. All three of the sons played d1 college tennis. The youngest son was my age and the father helped me out and basically made me a backboard for his son to train against. I had played every sport before then so i had a very good athletic base. By the time i was in the 18s i was number one in GA. My mother never watched me play and my father lived 3 hours away so i had NO parental support. I was fortunate that my mother remarried a man who was very well off. In the 8th grade they sent me to live in Sarasota at Nicks academy. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! I use to watch 12 year old Seles train hours a day. I use to hang out and go swimming at night with A.A. I would get to play basketball with Aaron Krickstein and Jimmy Arias. I loved it!!! So no my parents did not push me at all. It was all me. My daughter likes to say daddy you didnt even play tennis when you were my age so you dont understand what im going thru. She is right. Im trying EVERYTHING i can to make her love tennis the way i do. I hope one day she really starts to love tennis but if she doesnt worst case scenario is a full tennis scholarship. THANK GOD FOR TITLE 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our stories are pretty similar.

Any advice for my (just turned) 8 year old girl? She already tells me she hates tennis (but she hates Math, Homework, cleaning her room, etc also), but she likes playing because she is better then anyone else. We have been playing for a couple of years, maybe 5 hours a week. At times she is amazing, other times she just sucks. Any idea how to make it more enjoyable for her?
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