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Thanks charliefederer for your reply. It's very helpful.

I couldn't walk during Day 1-3 due to severe pain; but now I can walk for like 45 mins with calf sleeve and walking stick. It's a very humbling experience.

I only had mild swelling but still can't stretch my calf (even in normal walking stand). I'm also using heat lotion (will try Voltaren once heat rub runs out) & warm clothe 4 times a day. It seems to help just a tiny bit.

It's embarrassing to use a walking stick at my age, but I'm gonna stick to it till I can walk w/o pain in my calf. The only side effect right now is twitches on my upper calf (every 10 mins or so) when I walk .

Question: What's my next step? Stretching? When can I start stretching ? When I feel no pain when I walk?

Thx for your reply in advance
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