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Default Big Shot Durability Is Killilng Me

So I bought a pair of the Big Shots because they felt great in the shoe-store. I have a slightly wider foot than usual and wore T22s for about a year, but wanted to try something new. The salesman recommended the Big Shots because they had a larger toe-box, etc. So, yeah, the shoes felt/feel great, but God, the durability sucks. The first pair barely lasted three months. I've now upped my tennis to about 6, sometimes 8, hours a week, and the replacement pair has barely lasted two months. Worn out in the same place as everyone else--right under the big toe and to the inside.

Anyway, the consensus seems to be Barricades for sole durability. I tried the 6s on in the store and they were too narrow and just didn't feel good. Are the 7s any wider? What shoes that are a bit wider have excellent durability? Vapors? CBs? Gel Resolutions?
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