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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Can you explain the difference between RPM Dual and RPM Blast in terms of softness, power level, tension maintenance and spin? Thanks.
In October, I had two racquets strung up exactly the same (48 lbs in new APD) with RPM Blast and RPM Dual 16 (only gauge we had in office).

RPM Blast had more power & more spin but seemed less durable and lost tension quicker (played about 15 hours, didn't break but deep grooves at burn point).

RPM Dual felt stiffer but held tension better and did not break.

I will be sticking with RPM Blast until I can test the 17.

That said, one of the guys in the office who played at USC (Trojans) preferred the Dual...but he prefers Pro Hurricane Tour over RPM Blast.

Our master stinger in the office did a test where he strung two Pure Storm Limiteds, one with RPM Blast and one with RPM Dual. He let them sit for a week and using his "Beers ERT" he found the DT (dynamic tension?) dropped 4.5% on Dual and 9.1% on Blast. The caveat is this was one test and not part of the official Babolat lab...but we're tennis junkies so we wanted to see what would happen.

Hope that helps.
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