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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I've had several "favorite bands" over the years, but Front 242 may have been my favorite, favorite band at the time (late 80's). In my opinion, they trancended the Industrial genre. Great layering of sound, cold but communicative, dark but also energetic and fun. Killer beats, too. There was a lot of emotion in their music expressed specifically through the perspective of the technical revolution and rapid media evolution. Today their music sounds dated and, simultaneously, ahead of its time. Friends either loved them or hated them.
I agree Front 242 transcended the industrial genre. Too many bands never evolved and played it safe while 242 went out of their way to shake their formula up. I'm sure most 242 fans will disagree with me but I thought their best albums were the two released in 1993, especially "05:22:09:12 Off". DeMeyer also had some good side projects worth checking out. C-Tec (or Cyber-Tec Project) and Cobalt 60.

Live they were INTENSE.
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