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I have several 18x20, I like soft setups,one is syn gut mains 16/poly crosses 17, currently using 55/51, the string bed is more firmer(boardier) than using 18 ga Lux ace and Gen. Hexonic 18L in mains and crosses at about the same tension, one thing I have noticed is I can swing easier to get the ball placed with power using the hybrid setup and it costs are minimal,,I think i try a hybrid setup with syn gut/lux ace and see if I can improve the present hybrid.

From these playtests, I can understand why Pro's are using thicker gauge.

For Rod "The Rocket" Laver fans whom dont know, his strings were textured nylon-these cost an arm and a leg in the day, i seen these strings come out on eray 5 sets for about two weeks out of australia, some time ago..

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