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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
But isn't there a difference here? The imaginary person here had an opinion that may be incorrect. In this example the person thought Federer's most powerful shot was his backhand and that was the shot that hit the most winners. So don't you want to help him with the knowledge of tennis and about Federer?

If some wrote that Federer wasn't a great mover I might write that Federer was widely considered to be one of the all time great movers. Is that disrespecting a person or just trying to help a person?
But wouldn't also want to help BobbyOne with his top 10 flawed list about players' longevity? That's even worse than arche3's opinion about Roger's BH. Yet, you were all over arche3 in another thread but openly support BobbyOne's opinion(which no one agree his list).
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