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Default help me save my shoulder

In short, I'm asking for advices on shoulder friendly racquets. What kind of racquet should I look for? Light? extended? HL? MP, OS?
Some info: I learnt to serve with a PS6.1 Classic, and I did it the hard way: trying to force it instead of going little by little. As a result I got a bad shoulder and a great serve. Today I play with an Ozone Tour, much more comfortable and easy on the arm, but I feel that sometimes I tend to make too much effort on my serves, wheter it's a flat or kick - my favourite. I like to serve and volley a lot, and I can't do it with a weak serve. I have a very good forehand, a +- 2h backhand and a slice that's improving (love to use, but only lately has become consistent in matches)

I used to play with my Ozone extended to 28" (354g), and it was the most comfortable tennis I've ever played, can't rememvber feeling pain. Currently, I went back to 27", 340g, and sometimes the pain comes back. Extending the ozone again takes too much work, and I guess I should go lower in weight, since I found out I just couldn't do it with a ROK (348g) when in some pain, so I'm asking you: where should I look? What's important to preserve the shoulder?
Basically, I think I'd benefit from some more comfortable power, so I can take it easy and still hit a good enough serve.

Looking around on the net, I've found some that maybe would do me good. What do you think?

Volkl PB4 (27.6, 105sqin 290g strung, 65RA, 25mm)
Volkl Organix 4 (available at smaller grip, so I could add weight more easily to make it more HL)
Head LM2 (I would extend it to 28 and add lots of weight)
Head MG Radical MP (would also extend with less weight)

any suggestions?
Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody x2

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