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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
I really liked it with a stiffer polyester, like Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour. I strung it up high at 58 lbs because the frame provides so much power. As for switching, I'd definitely say I'm close, and I'm hitting with the APD+ more and more, and it's probably my favorite racquet I've tried since the start of summer. However, I've got too big a spot in my heart for the RDiS .

Andy, TW
In my case I used APD Cortex and then APD GT 2010. But, I also used during that time the RDIS 100 MP. Had them in my bag, used both for two years at different intervals. Every one of my tennis partners knew of my big dilemma. Finally I sold my 2 RDIS which I regret in a sense. Think I will stick with the APD. The APD lets me hit topspin in a particular way which I can not do with Yonex.
But, the RDIS MP is very good, in my opinion better than the current VCORES.

At least you have two good options to choose, RDIS or APD.

In terms of the string, I was planning to use TCS at 53. I am looking for a more dampened feel. I used it in the 2010 APD and it worked out.

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