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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Even the USTA code makes calling foot faults the very last resort, which means basically that they are not really enforceable at all:

Calling foot faults. The receiver or the receiver’s partner may call foot faults
only after all reasonable efforts, such as warning the server and attempting to get an
official to the court, have failed and the foot fault is so flagrant as to be clearly
perceptible from the receiver’s side.
He's right. Very hard to enforce, but he knows that they can be called as a last resort.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
You don't have the right to officiate foot faults as a receiver in Australia, from what I've read, and you only have a highly qualified right to do so as a last resort in the US.

So both associations know that you'll have problem players who think they have the right to do anything for a win by decreeing themselves de facto officials.

So most of what has gone on in this thread about calling foot faults, including your statements, is just plain illegal according to the codes of two national associations.

So maybe you can find some associations which give an unqualified right for the receiver to call a foot fault?
Here again, he's right.

[quote=Bartelby;7051154]There are rules for officiated games and rules for non-officiated games.

And receivers have either no right or a right in the very final instance to call a foot fault and only when it's flagrant.

Its called a rule book and I quoted from it and it says what I said it says

Originally Posted by Oski10s View Post
I can care less if you want to hit tennis balls against your garage door or serve from the net. But you are in the "Competitive Tennis Talk > Adult League & Tournament Talk" part of Talk Tennis, where ostensibly people are playing tennis competitively.

Talk to the Admins about creating a forum for "Recreational Tennis & I Like to Make Up My Own Rules". You and Bartleby can make up threads for tennis games akin to a game of HORSE on the basketball court.
Adult League & Tournament Talk, yes. But you are the one that keeps bringing a USHSTA rule.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
The USTA rules only allow the receiver to call flagrant ff after all alternative avenues have failed, including recourse to the officials who should be the ones to administer a penalty.

Its clear that this is what the rules intend, not you misinterpretation. The rules are doing their best to avoid the situation where the receiver imposes a penalty for good reasons.

The point about honour refers in this instance to the integrity of the server not the officiousness of the receiver.

If there is anything that shows better the fact that people who want to call ff ad libitum are not to be trusted its this post.

I am defending the rules as they are written. You are the fundamentalist who wants to impose your God-ordained understanding of the rules.

Originally Posted by Oski10s View Post
To make it simpler for you...these are his quotes going back through 200 posts in this thread:

Do you still agree with Bartelby? At this point I think we are all being trolled by him. He goes from feigning understanding, to virtuous righteousness, to defending cheating, and back to his original assertion that a player simply cannot call a foot fault....leading people in circles. Slow clap, nicely done Bartelby. Now please go play in the sandbox by yourself again.

You just can't comprehend what he is saying.
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