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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
ok jr. ITF, is INTERNATIONAl, there is an international little mo going on right now in your neck of the woods, where an 8 year old can compete with other 8 year old using YELLOW ball on full court. no colored balls if she wishes, the evil USTA is not involved, with international players, BUT not many showed up In my neck of the woods there are over 40 U10 girls that show up to these colored tournaments every weekend. I asked about the level of play at these international little mo tournaments and it seems that it is not that high level, compared to the top players in NE.

How is the orange bowl level this year? heard it might be weaker than last year
The level is not particularly high at these invitationals. Little Mo is diluting their brand with the expansion into these one off contests. In effect they are selling their brand ID to people who choose to fly out to these locations and play. Soon we'll all be confused on who won Little Mo when.
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