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.....................So no my parents did not push me at all. It was all me. My daughter likes to say daddy you didnt even play tennis when you were my age so you dont understand what im going thru. She is right. Im trying EVERYTHING i can to make her love tennis the way i do. I hope one day she really starts to love tennis but if she doesnt worst case scenario is a full tennis scholarship. THANK GOD FOR TITLE 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So GA, you are going to have her play all the way through college even if she doesn't love it? Have you thought about the childhood memories you are leaving her with while you are busy making sure you are living yours?

I think you should talk to parents of college players and understand what it takes to get there and the life you are subjecting her to, including HER college years, not to mention all of them between now and then. You seem like a nice guy with great intentions, but do you want an older daughter that resents the choices you made for her because of your dreams? It's fine to encourage the love - but you have to be willing to let it go if the signs present themselves or it will be unhealthy for you both.

I have known many many players (ages 12-16ish) that have moved on from tennis for whatever reason - changing interests, injury, etc., and every one of them has ended up happier in what they are doing now than they ever were with tennis - be it speech and debate, drama, academics, service clubs, or whatever. They have to make their own path. Tennis can be a miserable existence for those whose hearts aren't in it. A player has to give up a lot to be good at it, so the player better be the one liking it. Listening to an older kid talk about how they grew up playing tennis cause their parents wanted them to but never really liked it is a really sad conversation to be part of.
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