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I haven't opened a tennis shop nor do I know anyone who has. In fact in my current city with a metropolitan population of over 600,000 people I don't know of a stand-alone tennis specialty shop in the area. Many of the clubs here have small pro-shops though and the local public tennis facility which is the largest in the world has a pretty good-sized pro shop. There are of course the big-box stores like Academy Sports and numerous generic sporting goods stores like Hibbetts but not a single separate tennis goods store.

I do have a good friend who opened a running specialty store and was successful at it though he worked his tail off to make it that way. By successful I mean he didn't go bankrupt like so many startup small businesses do but I have no idea how much he actually pulled in. His wife was an MD so they weren't exactly hurting for income.

Do you have any experience in managing a retail operation?
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