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I know this isn't true. Ivy's will take home schoolers and so will Stanford (I'd say that's a high level college). If you are hitting 2000+ on the SAT and a good player, those doors are still open. Homeschooling doesn't keep them out, perhaps their test scores, tennis level or other aspects of their app does just like a kid in traditional school.
Sorry my friend but you are not right. The Harvard coach has gone on record as saying home schooling is a scam and the students are buying "A"s. He says that Admissions will not allow him to bring in home schooled kids. The only exception is where a student has a track record at conventional school and left high school after 2 or 3 years to train and home school. Columbia, Brown, Yale- positions on home schooling are similar. I know these coaches. Have you emailed any Ivy coaches or heard them say otherwise?
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