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Originally Posted by Oski10s View Post
Okay, so you're going to contradict your own post #14 of this thread?:

Bartelby has repeatedly said that we can't do the last part of what you stated, where a player "can call foot faults on the opponent."

The USHSTA rules state exactly what you indicated above, so what's the issue? Where did you get your own rules from?
No, what I said yep to, is exactly right. He says "The USTA rules only allow the receiver to call flagrant ff after all alternative avenues have failed, including recourse to the officials who should be the ones to administer a penalty."

He's correct that the wording of it is vague as to what "flagrant" is, and that the wording makes it clear that they don't want receivers calling foot faults (even if as a last resort, it's technically ok".
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