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Sorry my friend but you are not right. The Harvard coach has gone on record as saying home schooling is a scam and the students are buying "A"s. He says that Admissions will not allow him to bring in home schooled kids. The only exception is where a student has a track record at conventional school and left high school after 2 or 3 years to train and home school. Columbia, Brown, Yale- positions on home schooling are similar. I know these coaches. Have you emailed any Ivy coaches or heard them say otherwise?
This is an area where the world is radically changing, so the Harvard coach may not just be in synch with program yet. There have been enormous progress in technology, and the materials. Most states accredit programs that allow 'home schools' to get a state high school degree, not just a GED, and many offer these programs themselves. Many Ivy league schools actually have huge financial interests in growing this market as they are looking to leverage their brands, content, capabilities to get a piece of it. They do not have a financial interest in disparaging it.

Ten years ago, it would be very difficult for a student to get a home schooled education equal to that of a top flight public school without an enormous commitment of time from the parents, and even then, it would be questionable. Ten years from now, the opposite will be true, and at a fraction of the cost. We are really just in early stages of an education revolution.
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