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Wink workouts

Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
For strength no, but the likening of the TRX to resistance bands was mistaken. it is MORE like free weights than it is bands due to the nature of the resistance. Are they interchangeable? Of course not, however a lot of the movements have a parallel in lifting weights (rows, push ups, flys etc), but the nature of the resistance is the same. At certain parts of the movement there can be a leverage advantage
I feel trx is a waste of time and money but some people need to try the lastest training system. Bands are great for PT rehab and girls in a spin class. Iam waiting for memebers to bring in those heavy chains and put them on their bars while bench pressing. After that will be the huge tire flipping, hitting the tire with a sledgehammer and the huge rope workouts aka mma. for me all I need is a barbell and some plates, some dumbells a pair of running shoes.
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