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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
If you're going to complain about someone that they are in the "Adult League & Tournament Talk", you should post the rule (which was already posted) out of the Friend at Court, not the USHSTA guidelines, even if they essentially say the same thing.
Appreciate the clarification. I was responding to Bartelby's assertion that there were no U.S. rules to that effect for unofficiated matches, and found the USHSTA rule which at least opines on the subject. Glad to see that it is affirmed by another association as well as your confirmation to the same as an official.

I understand that the word "flagrant" is up for interpretation. But Bartelby has gone around and around between trying to dissect the rule itself (which is indeed a bit of a gray area) to outright denial of the player's ability to call FF at all as demonstrated in his recent post # 306:

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
You've neither read the rules nor the thread.

You don't have an entitlement to call foot faults as a receiver.

It's a simple concept I can't see how you can't grasp it.

So I'd tell you to either play by the rules or forfeit.
When I played HS tennis in CA in the 80s/90s, foot faults were called on the court during matches by players at times. I've never seen incidences where it was a problem and there were never any challenges. It especially wasn't done for "gamesmanship". Back then it was still very much a gentleman's sport and people played with honor. I've always been taught to give the opponent the benefit of an uncertain call and it was almost always returned in kind. Now that I come back to the sport 2 decades later, I'm shocked that this has become a controversial matter.
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