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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
barringer...thats the kicker, many kids say the 'hate' a lot of stuff at that age. My girl told me she 'hated' tennis when she just turned 7.

I told her that was fine, but she had to choose a physical activity. I let her pick 4 of them to try. Took her to some karate classes, gymnastics classes, soccer, basketball. I kept my mouth shut.

She decided she really, really hated karate. Hated gymnastics even more. She really, really hated waiting for the soccer ball to come to her. Likes basketball...pickup though, again 'hated' only getting some of the shots in structured team play!

She magically learned that she 'loves' tennis again like she did when she was 6!

It was a risky move, had she loved soccer instead I would have had to honor her choice.
Cool. I think that will work. I kind of did that, she really hates soccer, so I gave her a choice and she obviously went with tennis.
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