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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
I'm a little concerned about the s-hook hurting the finish, am I being paranoid here?
Nope, fair question, and I did exactly what Rabbit had suggested shortly after I happened upon this method, but truth be told, the ultra smooth finish of the s-hook worked great without applying heat shrink. Specifically, there was no damage to the finish without the "protective cover". My son has two Ozone 7s and my wife has an Ozone 4. I strung all three...and mind you, they're used, so they have more than their fair share of nicks/scratches to begin with...but I strung them without any damage from the s-hook, and again, this was without the heatshrink.

Still, since I string for others, I applied the heatshrink as a precaution. Yep, you can call Prince and have them send you a boomerang - they work fine. But when you want/need to string a ported racquet now, the hardware store is a much quicker option.
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