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Default just got some donnay pro stocks

these were demos sent out by the company for a pro to try. instead of letting them collect dust in a closet somewhere, I'll take them out for a spin in the coming days.

figure I'd share some pictures and info here.

all-black PJ except for the "donnay" brand name in the throat and on the side of the head.

no idea what the exact headsize or layup is, having never played with a retail donnay. looks close enough to a pro one 18x20, though.

they were weighed to approximate the kblade. there is some lead under the stock synthetic grip. what I found interesting is that the pallet seemed to be reinforced with kevlar or something similar.

there are stickers in the throat indicating RA rating. one is 71 and the other is 73

will hit with the strung one tonight and report back

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